Why Us?

Getting an audit letter from the IRS is no fun.

Your day may have been the best day of your life, but when you see that envelope with your name and sender the IRS, you most likely are like all the other millions of people getting notices from the IRS, you feel your life spiraling downward. Your anxiety levels increases, you may choose to just place that notice under the mail and wish it away. When you do finally open that letter you could be overwhelmed because you are not familiar with the IRS audit process.

What our clients tell us that the first step to obtain help can be just as overwhelming as getting that first IRS letter. You want to make sure you find the right person, and that they are going to work diligently on your behalf. You want this nightmare to end with the best possible outcome.

Some of our clients have first gone to other professionals; such a CPA’s and have had disastrous outcomes. They knew that they could not possibly owe that much money so they continued their search to find someone to help them. They reached out to us, and we were able to start the audit process fresh.

Just like you would not go to court without a lawyer, you won’t want to talk to the IRS without a specialized person that knows the “special language” of the IRS.

Here’s what we promise to you:

1. We will review your notice or letter with you and tell you exactly what the IRS is looking for.

2. We will lay out a step-by-step strategy for resolving your situation.

3. We will have you sign a tax Power-of-Attorney form which allows us to take over your communications with the IRS. This also allows us to represent before the IRS, generally, you will never have to talk to or meet with IRS yourself.

4. We are your advocate and pledge to vigorously represent you before the IRS.

5. We will keep you updated on what’s going on every step of the way. We know how stressful this can be. We are here for you.

6. We will ask for documents and information supporting the items on your return that are under examination.

7. We will go through your documents in detail with you; we will organize them, generate a summary and provide you with our finding, thoughts and concerns, before they are given over to the IRS.

8. We will work hard to achieve the best possible resolution.

9. If it is found that you do owe additional tax, it is our goal to make it the lowest amount permissible under the law.

We want you to get your life back!