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We will thoroughly and conscientiously study your personal situation, and tailor our advice to your specific needs.

Reduce IRS Tax Debt and Resolving Back Taxes

Tax debt can be stressful to understand and maintain. There are several ways to reducing this debt and finding options that are manageable. Tax Services of Yakima has plenty of experience and knowledge to make sure that all of the avenues have been explored and all options exhausted to ensure that you are taking the best possible route to reducing tax debt and resolving any back taxes. Call to speak to our specialist Lee Anne Smith about finding a solution for your tax debt.

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Penalty Abatement

Penalty Abatement is a reduction of any penalties associated with late filing of a return, late payment or any other violations. Thought there are options for abatement there has to be a reasonable cause to meet criteria for the reduction. Tax Services of Yakima knows the appropriate processes and answers to penalty abatement to get the best possible solution for you.

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Offers in Compromise

Offers in compromise is a settlement on your back owed taxes that is an agreement between the you and the IRS that you will pay back a partial amount of the owed tax debt. Every situation is different so Tax Services of Yakima will be sure to analyze your situation and your offer in compromise to find the most fitting solution to work with IRS while making the agreement and process suitable for you and your standings.

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Installment Agreements Negotiations

Picking the right installment agreement to pay off your federal tax debt is a very important process that all avenues should be considered and appropriately measured. There are 4 different types of installment agreements offered by the IRS but the most important thing is knowing which agreement is the best for your situation. Taking it as a case by case situation, Tax Services of Yakima can find the perfect fit for the appropriate agreement. Call today to learn more about which negotiation is right for your situation at 509-972-1040.

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Payroll Tax Negotiations

Facing delinquent payroll taxes can be a challenge and get messy quickly if they are not addressed and actions taken. There are steps and people to take care of these negotiations that change from case to case. Without letting something slip through the cracks or accidentally give false information be sure to pick the perfect representation for your case, Tax Services of Yakima.

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Tax Levies & Liens

If taxes are not paid or are owed on a commercial or personal property, a tax lien will be obliged upon the property. Generally tax liens are applied to income tax, gift tax and estate tax but can be applicable for unpaid taxes. A tax lien will be issued through a letter stating that you owe the government delinquent taxes.

A tax levy is when the last letter of the tax lien has been sent and the IRS has the ability to seize wages, bank accounts or other personal accounts that could serve as payment for the owed taxes. Tax Services of Yakima can help you find tax debt relief, call 509-972-1040 for more assistance and answers.

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Wage Garnishment

A wage garnishment is a legal procedure that a portion of a person’s earnings is required to be withheld by an employer for the payment of a debt. These garnishments are made by a court order and can be filed by the IRS for tax collection. Tax Services of Yakima wants to figure out the best solution for your situation and make sure that you’re back to normal as soon as possible with the best options along the way.

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Audit Appeals

Are you under an audit and feel as though you’re being misrepresented or don’t agree with the audit? There are ways to appeal audits and make sure that you’re following the processes correctly. We want be by your side every step of the way and make sure that you’re being represented correctly and understand the process. Call Tax Services of Yakima today to inquire about more options.

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Audit Reconsideration

Audit Reconsideration is a procedure that allows a taxpayer to dispute the results of an assessment made because of an audit of a taxpayer’s return or of a substitute return filed by the IRS on behalf of the non-filing taxpayer. There are several ways to be considered for an audit reconsideration and there are many situations that the IRS will not accept an audit reconsideration. To make sure that the appropriate approach is being taken, be sure to give Tax Services of Yakima today to file a reconsideration properly.

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