Tax Services of Yakima

Tax Services of Yakima has held to one vision since its inception — to help taxpayers deal with the aggressive collection policies of the Internal Revenue Service.

We provide the very best representation before the IRS so that you pay the lowest amount allowed by law, on a payment schedule you can afford.

Our objective is to provide customer service and results designed to earn both your respect and a referral to any of your friends, family, and associates that may be experiencing tax problems of the type we resolve.

Our Licensed Tax Professionals undergo continuous, specialized professional training that assures our specialists are current in the relevant tax codes, IRS rules, regulations, practices, and procedures.

Tax Services of Yakima is a boutique accounting firm focused on representing businesses and individuals that face financial problems involving the Internal Revenue Service. The firm has established a reputation for excellent and efficient representation of clients who have encountered difficult circumstances.

As you know, tax issues can create great stress, depression, and anxiety. It can be overwhelming when you try to take on the IRS by yourself, risking garnishments or property seizures. Let Tax Services of Yakima put our experience to work for you. We understand how to deal with these issues, talk the IRS talk, and take the burden away from you.

Tax Services of Yakima can take your shoebox of receipts, get things in order, and present your case to the IRS. We have had clients who have had CPAs represent them, and then after the audit they’ve sought our help to have their audit redone. You need to retain the services of a specialized firm to make sure you get the best possible outcome in the very first go-round with the IRS.

Tax Services of Yakima is a member of American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS.org) and NAEA (National Association of Enrolled Agents).