Audit Letter, What to do first

Received a Notice?

Opening your mailbox and finding an IRS Letter prompts physical anxiety and fear. You might just place that envelop somewhere and not open it for a while. After years of representing individuals and businesses, we tell you to just take a deep breath, open that letter and just follow these steps to start the resolution process.

Just take a moment to relax. We will walk you through this process.

Key Points in the IRS Letter:

Generally in the upper right of the letter it will tell you what year (s) the letter is for and form number. Read the body of the letter and determine if there is a dollar amount of additional tax they are proposing you pay?

Determine what the IRS wants you to do:

Every notice from the IRS requires a timely response. DO NOT IGNORE THESE NOTICES. In the letter there will be information regarding the time frame in which they expect a response from you. Another key is to know what division of the IRS originated your letter.