Tax Services of Yakima


Tax Services of Yakima has one vision and mission-to help taxpayers deal with the aggressive collection policies of the Internal Revenue Service. We provide the very best assistance in preparation for IRS letters and notices so that you pay the lowest amount allowed by law, on a payment schedule you can afford. Our objective is to provide customer service and results that earn your respect and referral to any of your friends, family, and associates that may also be experiencing tax problems of the type we resolve.

Are you having trouble keeping tabs on your finances? Are you tired of having to spend your time sorting through receipts and bank statements? Rather than struggle to crunch those numbers, turn to Tax Services of Yakima. As an established accountant in Yakima, WA, Lee Anne Smith, has the tools and knowledge to help get your finances on track. Tax Services of Yakima focuses on professionalism, responsiveness, and quality. No details are overlooked, punctuality is key, and getting your financial matters taken care of professionally is what we do best.

Services Offered

In contrast to your typical accounting firm, Tax Services of Yakima can provide accounting services such as payroll and returns preparation but also help you prepare for any audit appeals, installment agreements, and other assistance you may need. Rather than trying to take on these issues by yourself without the accounting knowledge and preparation for legal proceedings, contact us today to see what Tax Services of Yakima can do for you. We’ll help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Why Choose Tax Services of Yakima?

Tax Services of Yakima offers more than just tax services and the general knowledge of how to file a report or how to read a report. At Tax Services of Yakima we also understand the details of how the legal processes work and how to make sure that your information and audits are where they should be for legal alignment. Tax Services of Yakima works in a unique niche of taxation, involving reading and analyzing your situation from the origination of your files to understanding and creating a plan of action addressing any legal obligations you may need assistance with.